Meet the Photographer

There are many times when we just want to freeze a moment and stare at it a little longer. Taking in every strand of hair, every gasp of air and every smile we see. Maya B. Photography, LLC aims to capture these pure moments, moments that happen at a blink of an eye or in a split of a second. Where all the elements are perfectly in place to form that perfect moment, a moment that will last forever.

If this is what you are hoping for, then Tampa native, Maya Brooks is the photographer that will capture just that. Maya founded Maya B. Photography, LLC in early 2016 after earning her Bachelors in Radio/Television Management from the University of Central Florida. Maya B. Photography is currently based out of Orlando, Florida, while still servicing Tampa and surrounding areas.

Previously Maya has worked as an action photographer for ESPN Wide World of Sports, and currently as a production assistant for Disney’s Broadcast Department.

Maya helps to guide you through each step that will reveal the perfect you. She captures stunning candids and in turn allows you to see the beauty in things you never knew existed.